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About Me

Like most other professional photographers, this has always been a passion for me. I think, breathe, live photography, well actually, God first, wife second, the kids 3rd, and photography comes in really close there. I could imagine myself doing some other stuff like being an Aeronautical engineer, Enterostomal Therapist (don’t ask, just don’t ask), Cyber Security Analyst or a Crime scene cleaner. (guess which one I’m actually doing right now?) But, whenever I try to get away from my jealous camera gear for too long I find myself drawn to it, especially when I’m at work and instead of actually WORKING my boss usually finds me watching those YouTube videos on photography. Thank goodness I’m good at what I do, both photography and the other thing you are supposed to guess. Anyways, holla at me if you wanna shoot something, getting married, photoshoot for your birthday, feeling good and you just wanna take a picture, feeling down and you need a picture or pictures to make you feel good, I’m available.

And yeah, the web editor just palin decided it would not allow my face to show in my profile picture. Go figure....